Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 True Things About President Obama His Opponents Are Wrong About

1. He will not pressure Israel into some deal that will undermine its security.

2. He will not push for a health care plan without regard for cost savings.

3. He is not captive to his party's liberal interest groups.

4. He is not captive to liberals in Congress.

5. He has a ferocious political operation that is thinking clearly everyday about avoiding a nomination fight and about re-election in 2012.

6. He cannot be rattled by the right-wing Freak Show echo chamber.

7. He is a free marketeer.

8. His hold on his supporters (including those in the press) is firmer than even Reagan's was.

9. He will not hesitate to use force to fight terror.

10. He likes a lot of Republicans.

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