Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FEMA Camp Footage Requested for New Documentary

This is a personal letter from filmmaker William Lewis.


FEMA Camps In The United States


As many of you may already be aware, our next project is an investigation into the dark arena of FEMA camps.  We have the legislation.  We have interviews with experts in the field.  We even have a state level representative who has gained us access to facilities that are rumored to be American internment camps.  We need your participation, as well. 


Your mission


Bridgestone Media Group is currently seeking individuals who have shot footage of alleged or confirmed FEMA facilities in their area. 


Should you decide to accept this mission


If you're the Alex Jones type who plans to head out to the woods with a camera, canteen, and some bug spray - please note that we are not advising anyone to take any unnecessary risks to acquire the requested footage.  Please be careful on your mission and we humbly ask that you not break the law.  With that little disclaimer out of the way, you all know what to do.


Footage should be mailed to the following address along with a personal release permitting us to use the footage in our next production entitled, "Camp FEMA" and any potential follow-ups:


Our Mailing Address:

BSMG / Footage Submissions
P.O. Box 30576
Columbia, MO 65205-0576


Please submit your footage in one of the following formats

(1.) Mini-DV tapes are preferred.
(2.) DVD

(3.) Other accepted media types:  VHS, Super VHS, S-VHS


Thank you for your help!



William Lewis


Bridgestone Media Group


Camp FEMA Trailer:

Take Back Washington

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