Thursday, June 18, 2009

White House: US not meddling in Iran's affair

The US has dismissed the remarks made by Iran that the White House is interfering in the country's internal affairs by commenting on the election dispute.

US President Barack Obama's Spokesman Robert Gibbs said on Wednesday that the president discussed universal principles such as the right to peacefully demonstrate and stressed that they should be observed in Iran.

"The President will continue to express those concerns and ensure that we are not meddling," he said.

Earlier, Iran summoned the Swiss envoy to Tehran, who represents US interests, to protest against "interfering remarks" by US officials on last week's presidential election, Iran's state-run television reported.

Obama said on Tuesday that he had concerns about the conduct of last week's election and the subsequent violence, but said that US "meddling" in Iran's affairs could be counterproductive.

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