Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chevron: ‘We’re not paying’ $27B fine for Ecuador rain forest contamination


U.S. oil company Chevron said Monday that it expects to lose a case which charges the company's Texaco branch with polluting Ecuador's rain forest with oil-contaminated water for nearly two decades.

An expert appointed by Ecuador's courts assessed the damages to the locals' health and environment to be $27 billion: A sum which Chevron spokesman Don Campbell bluntly told The Wall Street Journal, "We're not paying and we're going to fight this for years if not decades into the future."

It will be the largest award ever in an environmental lawsuit, even if it goes uncollected.

"Chevron intends to fight enforcement by claiming the trial was unfair, in part because Ecuador's president has publicly supported the plaintiffs," noted Business Insider's Erin Geiger Smith.


Anna Kay said...

Chevron tried manipulating, denying, hiding the truth and it has not worked. Now, when it looks like justice will be served, Chevron announces it won’t pay for the damages in Ecuador, even if found guilty! This is absurd!!
Read more about the contamination here:

justin said...

This is Justin with Chevron. While we appreciate your attention to this matter, this case is much more complex then the above story would lead you to believe.

I would like to take a moment to provide those that are interested with additional resources that may help provide better context. There is a lot of misinformation swirling around this issue and I encourage readers to further investigate both sides of the case before assigning guilt.

Please take a moment to watch this

For more information, please check out: