I just chatted with Raymond Denny, the 64-year-old La Center, Wash., man who received the RNC's "2009 Future of American Health Survey," which alleged that President Obama's health reform plans might discriminate against Republicans. Here's the survey question:

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"I've been getting these things for years," said Denny, who opened the letter with his wife Louise, "getting them from the Republicans, getting them from the Democratic Party, usually with the wrong name on it. This thing says I'm a sustaining member. They word these things to solicit the answer they wanted. This one here we looked at and said, "Wow, that's way beyond the pale of what should be done."

Denny confirmed that he's a "lifelong independent" who became a Democrat last year to vote for Obama. "I'm a fiscal and constitutional conservative," he said, although he hasn't made up his mind on the health care debate yet. "I don't know why I got this. Maybe something in my demographic or something convinced them that I was a lifelong Republican."

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