Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother


IBSERHSFA Mission Statement

The International Brotherhood and Sisterhood for the Establishment of a Republican Homeland Somewhere Far Away is an international organization dedicated to helping Republicans and their minions find a new Homeland, where they will be free to practice their unique Political and Philosophical tenants without interference from, or with, the Government of The United States of America. 
IBSERHSFA Promotional Video

Historical Background

Down through the millennia, tribes of humans have continually migrated to new geographic areas around the globe in order to meet their basic survival needs and to prosper as cultures. Often this type of exodus is by choice, but many times, it occurs as a result of pressure from competing cultures. Sometimes this pressure manifests itself in the form of violence, but occasionally, it is the product of compassion. It is in this spirit of compassion that IBSERHSFA seeks to help a people who are confused and frustrated with living in a modern Democratic society. A people whose hereditary predisposition to violence, coupled with rudimentary problem solving skills, does not allow them to function peacefully in a free and open society. Over the last sixty five years of our countries existence, the Republicans have shown very little, if any, observable evolutionary growth. In fact, some might postulate that they may have actually regressed from their already low ability levels. Just as we would not allow a wounded or sick animal to suffer, so do we not want to see our Republican brothers and sisters suffer without trying to help. We feel is is our duty as members of a progressive society to help the less fortunate among us. It is with this in mind that IBSERHSFA wishes to establish a Homeland for Republicans and their minions, using the model successfully implemented in the establishment of the Nation of Israel in 1948.


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