Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crazy Michele Bachmann Rising Star says George Will

by Rack Jite

A quick primer on Michele Bachmann from the Ed Show

george willGeorge Will, America's most ubiquitous Libertarian columnist and television pundit - who wants to repeal seat belt laws and have everyone carry around an assault rifle - has come to the defense of America's most Right-wing looneytune in Congress, Minnesota's own Michele Bachmann. Bachmann a rising figure among GOP conservatives

George Will - perhaps our most avid hater of the American Government - overlooks Bachmann's public adoration of her evil twin Glenn Beck, nor does he bother mentioning her rabid pro life evangelical creationist fundamentalism, glossing over her call to investigate Democrats for unAmerican activities, her Birther connections along and a a long list of other Right-wing swill making Sarah Palin look smart.

The center piece of Will's column is his adoration of her oppostition to the bailout of General Motors which she called "Gansta Government"! Hating the American Government is the new... Hmmm... Rage.

Of course this kind of a nutcase is expected in in Mississippi or Northern Idaho, but Minnesota?  Gosh... Having lived there for a time my guess its all those wintertime Hobbergoots! [shots of 2/3 brandy 1/3 schnapps which keeps the snow out of your craw] Our last crazy right-wing congresswoman was from Northern Idaho. Her name was Helen Chenoweth, also a big fan of Ron Paul. She is now in Heaven with Ayn Rand after refusing to wear a seat belt (thank you George Will). Holding a toddler who was also not restrained in any manner, they were both ejected from a jeep. The toddler survived and Chenoweth died instantly from a broken neck. Helen Chenoweth Good and Gone

Last month Michele Bachmann joined congressman Ron Paul at the University of Minnesota for a Town Hall meeting a. After watching it one may wonder how Bachmann - a rabid pro Life evangelical creationist Christian fundamentalist - could so completely agree with America's leading advocate for Ayn Rand and the Libertarian Party?
The answer of course is what so many on the internet refuse to admit, that Ron Paul IS ALSO a rabid Pro Life evangelical creationist Christian fundamentalist.

This Ron Paul brand of Libertarianism should be called Randian Christian Objectivism and their constituents Wallet Libertarians.    

Here is a video of their suck-up-a-thon


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