Thursday, October 15, 2009

Joy Behar brings gay teens front and center in advance of National Coming Out Day.

Oklahoma gay teens featured prominently last night on The Joy Behar Show.

Joy Behar has a liberal streak which might put Keith Olbermann to shame. Last night she showed it by using her show to promote National Coming Out Day, which is Sunday, October 11. She even had a logo for it alternating with her own!

Last night's topic was gay teens coming out earlier and earlier, in what was obviously a follow-up to the piece in the New York Times Magazine that we covered last week. She had kids from Oklahoma, who were featured in the article, on to discuss their coming out experiences. For contrast, she had Christian Siriano, who went to a creative high school, and represented both the older generation and the coasts.

Check out the video...

I think she did the piece great justice, and switched masterfully back and forth between the bubbly and media friendly Siriano, and the decidedly more reserved teens.

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