Thursday, October 22, 2009

Opposite Day: Underweight 2-Year-Old Girl Denied Insurance Coverage

By GottaLaff

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Welcome to Opposite Day, gang! First, a baby was denied coverage because he weighed too much. Now there's a healthy toddler who got rejected for not weighing enough.

But nah, we don't need to knock Big Insurance down a few pegs via a public option. That would be so socialist!
When Aislin's father, Rob, worked for another company, Aislin was covered under the company's group health insurance plan.Now that Rob is working on his own, he's had to get new insurance. The company, UnitedHealthcare's Golden Rule, sent the family a letter, which says in part, "We are unable to provide coverage for Aislin because her height and weight do not meet our company standards."
Hey UHC's GR, you don't meet America's standards. How's that feel?

A spokeswoman for UnitedHealthcare's Golden Rule:
"Ours are based on several medical sources, including the Centers for Disease Control, and are well within industry standards," she said.Laden, who said she couldn't talk specifically about the Bates' case, added that, "When evaluating height and weight, we typically utilize other factors as well in making a decision, such as medical records that show evidence of treatment or any underlying medical conditions."
As in... pre-existing conditions? Uh-huh.
The Bates say Aislin is undergoing treatment for an active gag reflex.
So am I, after reading this article.
"It's very minor and she probably will only need therapy for a few more months," Rachel said.
Doesn't matter. Time is of the essence. Business as usual. Doesn't this family understand that Big Insurance needs to make money? How insensitive can they be? Come on, Bateses!
The Bates said Aislin is temporarily covered through COBRA, a federal program that allows people to continue an employer-based health insurance plan for up to 18 months. The parents said it costs as much to cover Aislin under COBRA as it costs to cover the remaining three family members.
I can vouch for that. We're using COBRA and paying $20,000 a year. And that will end soon, so we'll be paying someone new to screw us over very soon. Isn't this fun? See? America has the best health care ever! Just ask the Rushpublics.

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