Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Congress Is Back, Checkbook in Hand, Blood Scent in Nostrils


Will Your (Mis-)Representative Oppose $33.5 Billion for War Escalation?

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Congress is back today, with war escalation funding on the table.

Whether or not we block it, we send the strongest message possible and build in the direction needed by maximizing the No votes.

And if the Republicans all vote No because something good is included, then we can easily defeat the bill with only a portion of those Democrats who "oppose" the war actually voting against it.

The most prominent excuse you'll hear is that good things may be packaged into the same bill.  But those good things will not outweigh the damage done by the war escalation and could be passed separately.   We cannot afford the human or financial cost.  And the blowback from these wars endangers us all no matter what our domestic policies are.

Such empty excuses actually mean "I don't know yet if the leadership will let me vote No."  In other words, your representative may be willing to vote No as long as it doesn't risk actually defeating the bill.  Demand that they commit to voting No now.

Keep track of where your representative stands at

What to say:
If you do not try to block the war escalation funding, I will try to block your reelection in November.  If you support peace, I will support you.  Please commit publicly to voting No, no matter what nice things that could be passed separately are packaged into the same vote.  Please join the 76 congressional candidates from every political party who have signed a st atement against war spending at http://caws.us

Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-3121


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