Thursday, June 3, 2010

San Diego Anti-Gay Religious Zealots Launch Judicial Crusade


Better Courts Now's candidates are on a 'mission from God' to transform San Diego's court system.

If you've had your fill of athletes thanking God for their good fortune on the basketball court or gridiron, and/or politicians claiming that God directed them to run for public office –- think George W. Bush –- then do not read any further. If, however, you're interested in and/or intrigued by the "Mission from God" conceit, and wondering if folks adopting that charge from on high just might be coming to your humble township, then check out what's been happening in San Diego, California.

What may have started out as a small, almost stealth-like campaign –- similar to those that took over school boards across the country -- has evolved into a rock-em, sock-em, full-throated effort to remove four Democratic-appointed judges from Superior Court, and replace them with four bona-fide "Mission from God" Christian conservative attorneys.

The movement, called Better Courts Now, is supporting four San Diego Superior Court candidates that have the backing of "pastors, gun enthusiasts and opponents of abortion and same-sex marriages," the Associated Press recently reported.

A banner on the front-page of the Better Courts Now (BCN) website welcoming visitors, reads: "Welcome to The most innovative approach to unifying the moral vote. Better Courts Now, is an attempt to network with you in a way that allows you to become a change agent in making judges accountable. Join the fight and let your voice be heard!"

In mid-March, Capital Weekly reported that the website "also includes testimonials from at least one person affiliated with the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a group that has been in the center of political battles over gay marriage in California and around the country."

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