Friday, July 16, 2010

Dog Guilty in Shooting

user-picby Steve Dale

Sadly, shootings occur too often in Chicago...but never a shooting like this. In Wellington, New Zealand shootings of any kind are infrequent.

On Saturday, July 10 -A dog accidentally stepped on the trigger of the .22 rifle and ended up firing at his 40-year-old owner.

The injured man was among a group of four who had just killed and butchered a domestic pig. They were climbing into a SUV to leave when the gun went off.

The man was flown to Whangarei Hospital , where doctors removed the bullet from his left buttocks.

Senior Constable Ian Anderson (is this what the lead player in Jethro Tull is doing these days?) said the man was lucky not to have been more seriously injured.

No charges will be filed - for there are no laws in New Zealand which deter dogs from using firearms.

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