Friday, July 9, 2010

Men active around the household are more attractive, survey says

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Tony Abbott
Tony Abbott shows blokes everywhere how it's done. Picture: Ray Strange Source: The Australian

DOING household chores is a far better way to woo a woman than giving chocolate or flowers, a survey has said.

Just under half of the females surveyed by appliance group DeLonghi said helping around the house was the way to their heart admitting they'd be more impressed if their partner did the ironing than took them for a weekend away or a romantic candlelit dinner.

The results come alongside the revelation that women spend 5472 hours of their lives ironing, compared with 4680 hours for men, the Daily Mail reports.

A psychologist said the findings showed women were looking for a man willing to be more active in the household.

Cary Cooper, professor at the University of Lancaster, said women still thought men didn't pull their weight at home.

"Many women are still working the double shift, doing the household chores and having a career, whereas men still have a working role primarily," he said. "What women obviously want to see is somebody who will do the chores but also have an active domestic role in the family."

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