Citing 'Change' Over 'Experience,' Angry Electorate Votes to Replace God

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Americans Strongly Believe in God, But One That Only Controls the Outcome of Sporting Events

Due to Snowstorm, Premature Ejaculation Clinic Operating on a 5 Minute Delay

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FOX News Blames Obama for Nigerian Spam

Time-Life Issues the Definitive Collection of 'Bush Scandals'

Sarah Palin Establishes a New 'Crack in the WOODEN FLOOR'

Stood Up by 'Joe the Plumber,' McCain Campaigns with 'Janitor in a Drum'

Iraqi Shoe Thrower Receives a 'Seinfeld Sentence' — Has to Serve as Bush's Butler (and Shoeshine man)

A Sign of the Times: E-Trade Baby Leaps to Death From His Crib

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Sarah Palin's Greatest 'Gift' to America: Ruining Thanksgiving

Treasury Gives Bailout to Sperm Banks, to Inject Liquidity Into Frozen Markets

Blagojevic, Preparing for the Worst, Plans to Sell His Own 'Seat' in Jail

Conspiracy Theory of 'Second Shoe Thrower' Raised by Abdul-liver Stone

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House of Tudor Lays Claim to Vacant NY Senate Seat

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GOP Realizes Worst Nightmare: Black Man Elected to Lead U.S. Out of The Dark Ages