Ingenuity gets an all new meaning in designer Andrew Leinonen simple yet very powerful Filterbrella concept. As you may have guessed, the Filterbrella is an umbrella but a very innovative and eco friendly one at that. The Filterbrella has a canopy which is made of compostable polylactic acid plastic blends. This gives the Filterbrella its environment charm. The Filterbrella has a very innovative activated carbon filter in its hollow rod. The hollow rod actually lets in rain water which gets purified by the activated carbon. This water flows into a bottle that is attached to the Filterbrella's handle, thus making available pure, potable rain water on the go. That is what ingenuity is all about. Though the Filterbrella is still a concept, it has all the underpinnings of becoming an instant hit if it ever makes it into commercial production which looks very likely in the near future.

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