Before D-Day, the Allies held a practice amphibious training exercise.  Due to a combination of factors hundreds of men died.


The tragedy was classified top secret and participants were required to keep it top secret.  British citizens near that beach were sworn to secrecy.


A few years back, NBC did a report on "Operation Tiger" for the Evening News. 


Do your own fact-checking and go to Google and see how much you can learn.  During the night of 28 April 1944, "Operation Tiger," an amphibious training exercise held in Lyme Bay, near Slapton Sands, things went very wrong.  If you don't find much information about it, then perhaps you might want to begin to reexamine some of the top conspiracy theories that are predicated on the idea that the government kept some facts away from the public.


One source lists the number of killed as 749 making it the most costly training exercise in World War II.


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