As author of my own political humor site, I thought Id compile a list of my favorite political humor sites as a reference for others. If you like funny, side-splitting political humor from every range on the ideological spectrum, then rest assured youll love these sites:

Political Humor Sites: My Favorites

Scrappleface ( Pure political humor at its best, this site is a compilation of fairly unbalanced news stories written by Scott Ott. With a daily array of wildly original and funny news stories, the genius of Scrappleface is compounded by the fact that its a one-man operation Quite simply one of the best political humor sites youll ever see. Highly recommended.

The Onion ( The ten-thousand-pound gorilla of political humor sites is The Onion, an almost endless treasure trove of fun and hilarity. Its fake news stories are legendary, and if you havent yet seen The Onion in at least one form of media, then youve been living in a cave. Check it out.

JibJab ( Home to the world famous Flash cartoons This Land is Your Land and I Wish I Were in DC that reached cult status during the 2004 presidential election. A fun site to visit for political humor.

Ironic Times ( An awesome political humor site cut from the same mold as Scrappleface and The Onion. In fact, its the only other site I can find that approaches the same level of hilarity. Everything on this site is funny!

Todays Best Political Cartoons ( Each day, Daryl Cagle provides a fresh update of the best professionally penned political cartoons. If you love political cartoons, this site is one-stop shopping for all your needs.

Doonesbury ( The classic cartoon of the same name brandishes its trademark brand of political humor from a site filled with archives and brilliant Flash content. After all these years, its still one of the best sources for political humor.

Slick Times ( Its similar to Scrappleface, The Onion, and Ironic Times, but not yet reaching elite status. Slick Times resembles a real newspaper, but its content is a whole lot funnier. Make sure you check out How a Bill Becomes a Law by Coach John Madden.

Cracked News ( Constructed in the template of an alternative news source similar to the Slick Times. Theres some funny stuff here thats worth checking out.

Bartcop ( A no-holds barred political humor site with a liberal slant to it, Bartcop has been entertaining liberals for over a decade. One warning though: due to language, some content may not be appropriate for children.

The Capitol Steps ( Fresh political humor content drawn from the stage and musical act of this talented group of former congressional staffers. My personal recommendation is to go see their act in person. You wont be disappointed