Thursday, July 23, 2009

100 Incredibly Inspiring Blog Posts for Educators


Blogs offer an excellent way for communities to come together over a common interest despite physical location. Educators can take advantage of this shared pool of knowledge to find inspiration, enhance their teaching, and help students learn more. The following blog posts come from a variety of bloggers sharing their passion and insight.

On Teaching

These posts take a look at what makes a good teacher and will inspire you to appreciate what you do or maybe even improve your style as an educator.

  1. What Makes a Good Teacher. This post from The Reading Workshop includes six important elements of effective teachers.
  2. Top 5 Character Traits of Great Teachers. This list is actually a compilation from a reader survey and includes many great traits of quality teachers.
  3. "Steal". This teacher considers use of the word "steal" when discussing teaching ideas and urges teachers to embrace collaboration as a means to better teaching.
  4. Reminders to teachers: Don't get sick. This post highlights what can happen with a poor-quality substitute teacher and offers suggestions for the next time you must be absent.
  5. Are you trained or educated?. This thought-provoking post asks you to consider whether you are trained or educated as an educator.
  6. Short Story: On Mercy Killing in the First Grade (or, how I stopped worrying and learned to appreciate punch lines). Read how this educator learned an important life lesson in the first grade.
  7. Training. This post compares how teachers-in-training are taught to the education of students and wonders at the differing standards held for each.
  8. Do Leaders Wear Jeans? Does What You Wear Show Who You Are?. This article offers a great approach to fitting in fashion-wise–even in jeans.
  9. On being a passionate beginner. Learn why it is important to welcome failure and embrace the newness of situations to become a better teacher.
  10. 5 Altruistic Values of Teaching. This post offers a great reminder of why many educators entered into the field of teaching.

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