Monday, August 24, 2009

Barack Obama, You FOOLED ME, And I Apologize
by WeDidIt

John Stewart was right.

You're a fucking Jedi Knight ten steps ahead of everybody fucking else.

You KNEW what was going to happen at those town hall meetings during the slow news month of August.

You KNEW the Republicans would start feeling confident that they could knock you out while they had you on the ropes.

You KNEW whacked out Birthers and Deathers and Teabaggers were going to project their ignorant assed bullshit on everybody.

And I'll even bet you KNEW Charles "I Tweet Dumb Shit" Grassley would fucking BRAG about how he wasn't negotiating in good faith.

Well, August is now more than half over.

You already have the chief Republican negotiator for bipartisanship in health care reform saying he wasn't negotiating in good faith, AND THEN ADMITTING THERE WAS NO WAY HE'D VOTE FOR ANY BILL!

Your ducks are all in a row.

You now have every right to say, "we negotiated in good faith with the Republicans to develop health care reform legislation. You now have the chief negotiator bragging about how he wasn't negotiating in good faith but was rather using some sort of stalling tactic to slow down the legislation and even admitting there is no bill we could come up with that he'd vote for. Health care reform is simply too important for this kind of gamesmanship, so the Democratic Caucus in the Congress now has no choice but to go it alone. We'll now develop the legislation that Democrats can vote for and pass that however we have to."



The Force is STRONG in you!

I'm sorry I ever doubted you.


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