Monday, August 24, 2009

Marc Emery Extradition

by Snidely Whiplash
This is a Howitzer-shot at our bought-&-paid-for press corps' blackout of a story which makes a JOKE of Canadian sovereignty.
Marc Emery sold viable cannabis seeds through his magazine, "Cannabis Culture," OPENLY, for YEARS, to Canada and the United States. NOT some shady back-alley enterprise, but a business which was fully open to sunlight.
Everyone knows that about half of Americans are morons who believe pot- smoking to be roughly on a par with the Jewish Holocaust, so it's no surprise that Mr. Emery's business put some hornets up a few Yank backsides.
So what did they do? Petition our government to make a law prohibiting seed sales to the US, or come in like ham-fisted Imperialists? What do you think?
If they were a HALF-civilized country, they'd have done the former. Marc Emery did not embezzle a million bucks or murder anyone. If he'd continued selling seeds to the US, then he'd be guilty of breaking Canadian law & would be subject to OUR penalties.
No, when the US DEA said, "We want to arrest a Canadian on Canadian soil and EXTRADITE him to the US for a likely life sentence in a Maximum-Security Federal prison," our Justice Quisling, Irwin Cotler, replied, "Sure, come on in boys. After all, we aren't REALLY our own country, but the 51st state."
And that's what happened. To save a couple of people who worked on the magazine with him from a similar fate, Mr. Emery agreed to be extradited & locked up for a "mere" five years. Hey, it's only FIVE years out of a man's life, in a stinking, under- funded, over-crowded US prison system where he JUST might get shanked or HIV from "inconvenient" anal-rape (God forbid).
For OPENLY selling seeds for YEARS.
My question is, why isn't the Canadian press covering this? Are we a free country or a fucking vassal-state? I can see why whores like Global TV aren't talking about it -- they do as they're told. I'm talking to YOU, CBC! If anyone's supposed to have the public interest in the crosshairs, it's you. Where's the coverage and the outrage? Where ARE you?!
You'll MAYBE mention this, with minimal information, on the day Mr. Emery is sent over to Tortureland. And Canadians will just shrug their shoulders at this "tidbit," just as our Masters ordain.

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