Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sarah Palin Goes Down Cheap on Amazon: Just $9 for "Going Rogue," A $29.00 Book. WTF?

By Mark Karlin

Not many new books get a 69% discount before they are even released. In fact, BuzzFlash -- which sells progressive books -- has never seen such a slashed price for a book before it came out like the $9.00 is charging for "Going Rogue."

Yes, Palin and "Going Rogue" -- not released until November 17 -- are going down cheap, at a price usually reserved for what are called "remainder" books, the surplus stock of a book that is dramatically discounted.

Of course if you give it away, you can have a popular product, so it's no surprise that as of October 19, "Going Rogue" is number 4 on Amazon.

And the right-wing think tank media infrastructure, which is so successfuly integrated, is indeed giving it away!

The right-wing rag site, NewsMax, is offering "Going Rogue" free with a subscription, or for a cost of -- coinky dink -- $9.00.

For close to four decades, the GOP and the right wing have synergistically intertwined -- with the backing of the oligarchy -- think tanks, electoral politics, the media, and book sales (with cross-promotion of books and think tank "fellows" on the programs of RWNJ media shills).

This is something that BuzzFlash and some others have noted is critically lacking among the progressives.  A lot of it is due to the limited financial backing received by progressive causes (just ask us at BuzzFlash), and a lot of it has to do with a more well-oiled structure on the right.

BuzzFlash will be selling the parody comic book version of "Going Rogue" (called "Going Rouge"), but it won't be steeply discounted because one of our IT consultants is self-publishing it.  That's how it goes among progressives; no big money backers, just committed people building democracy with sweat equity.

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