Thursday, September 17, 2009

Join the fight - MEDICARE FOR ALL!,Inc.

A citizens health insurance reform alliance
formed to promote the successful passage of:

People often ask "I'm just one person, how can I possibly make a difference?"
     If you're one of those people, here's your answer...

There is now a bill in Congress, H.R. 676 that offers a new and exciting way for you and your fellow citizens to work together and help make the dream of affordable health insurance for every American a reality.  According to the World Health Organization, the US is ranked 37th in the world in providing adequate health care services to its citizens.  Most Americans would agree that this is simply not acceptable and has to change.  Our plan is a very simple one.  Raise money to fund a massive and professionally produced advertising and public relations outreach, everything from full-page newspaper ads to prime time TV and radio spots.  Advertising and modern public relations are some of the most powerful forces for behavior change ever devised and we will use it to it's full effect to promote this bill.  This massive and ongoing ad campaign will be focused on one primary objective; to make every citizen in America aware of the tremendous benefits of this bill and encourage them to make their representatives in Congress aware of their desire to see this measure become the law of the land.   We are starting off by asking every person interested in supporting this cause to contribute .99 cents per month in the form of a single annual donation of $10.98 (one month free). 

Our goal is to eventually sign-up one million members.  If you will sign-up today and then encourage two friends to do the same, and so-on, and so-on, we will reach our goal with room to spare.  This will give us a million dollar plus per month promotion and advertising budget which will make you and us a tremendously powerful force for health care reform in the United States of America!!  Nothing like this has ever been done before on this scale and its success will surely signal a fundamental change in the ability of grass roots public involvement in politics to have a real and significant impact.  Please help if you can.

Tell me a little bit about H.R. 676...

The opponents of national health care, mostly those who are badly misinformed or paid agents of big corporations that are now making huge profits off of the current system by denying needed care to millions, will try to scare you by calling it "socialized medicine".  You're going to hear that a lot in the coming months but don't be fooled; nothing could be farther from the truth.  In fact, the goal of this program is simply to create a fair and equitable single payer health care plan that all Americans can afford and benefit from while leaving most of the existing structure of practicing health care professionals and facilities completely alone.  You choose your doctors, your hospitals and need no permission from anyone to go see them whenever necessary.  No exclusions, no pre-existing conditions, no denied claims, just top rate, affordable, professional care for you and your family including prescription drugs, mental health AND dental services in addition to long term care, whenever you need it.

Why should I support

There are a lot of organizations out there today that are in favor of national health insurance.  You probably haven't heard about too many of them even though some do  have really great web sites with a lot of information on them.  The problem is that few of them have any real plan of action designed to actually make national health insurance a reality.  Talking about the problem is a very good thing, but we simply feel that talking just isn't enough.  Ours is a totally unique approach in that regard because our intention is to actively work towards changing the landscape in America by fundamentally altering the current health insurance scene from one dominated by large for-profit corporations whose primary goal is to serve the needs of their investors and are content to leave millions behind to one controlled by a much more fair and equitable system whose primary responsibility will be to promote and protect the health of every American leaving none behind.  Simply put we believe that our approach will make it possible to actually achieve this goal; a goal that has eluded us for so long.  The basic premise is that if left to the existing political system, achieving the goal of creating a national health insurance system will never be possible.  Why do we feel this way?  The reasons are clear...

The concept of national health insurance for all citizens has been on the table since the Truman era back in the 1950's.  Our politicians have had over half a century to work out a plan yet aside from the basic Medicare model,
which has recently been so badly watered down by an ultra conservative administration in favor of even more corporate profits, nothing of any kind has been accomplished.  In the meantime every other modern industrialized country in the world has passed us by and managed to find a way to do it.  Why not us?  Well, for one thing, the huge and powerful health insurance industry in this country has spent so much money on lobbying and contributing to the campaigns of so many politicians that they pretty much own and control the political process insofar as health insurance issues are concerned.  Quite frankly, their main purpose is to make sure that things remain pretty much as they are regardless of how many people are left without any real access to the medical care system.   Quite frankly there is no moral argument strong enough to make them voluntarily give up their death grip on the system.  Consequently, another way must be foundThat way is to directly organize and focus the will of the people themselves to help bring about the needed changes.  That's where, Inc. comes in and the vehicle we intend to use to make this happen is a massive, professional, ongoing nationwide advertising campaign financed by public contributions, a campaign that will focus on educating the public as to the benefits of national health insurance for all and stirring them into action.

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