Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh my God! Now Obama wants to indoctrinate Congress!

Senator Barack Obama speaks to a crowd of supp...President Obama's plan to address a joint session of Congress on health-care reform Wednesday has set off a revolt among conservative Americans, who have accused the President of trying to indoctrinate their senators and representatives with socialist ideas.

"I don't want my legislators exposed to political propaganda," said Karen Bigelow, a housewife from Nacogdoches, Texas. "I did not send them to Washington to have them brainwashed by a liberal Nazi from the executive branch. Whatever happened to the separation of powers?"

In Washington, thousands of conservatives demonstrated in front of the Capitol. Some held signs reading "Congress Is For Congresspeople!" and "First They Come for Our Children and Now Our Representatives!" One woman who chained herself to a fire hydrant wailed, "To think it would come to this in my America! My father fought in Grenada."

The Utah State Legislature unanimously passed a resolution calling for a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit Presidents from appearing before Congress, especially if they're Democrats and/or African-Americans.

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