Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Put Glenn Beck and the Tea Baggers on the NO FLY list, Please

Posted by Rack Jite

The father of the Nigerian who tried to bring down the passenger plane had reported his son as a radical to the authorities who should have put the boy on a no-fly list.

I dare YOU to watch a full hour of Glenn Beck on Fox News. I DARE YOU! I did not long ago and realized that no matter his father reported him or not, he is a mentally unstable radical who should be put on every NO FLY list in the world.

I also believe that his belief that Jesus is from Michigan is religious radicalism. So too is his End of Times desire to have Jesus murder every man, women and child (and unborn children) in the world but him and a few others. That is not only radical but insane.  

I also listened to his radio show a few days back in which the Senators voting for health care reform were referred to as "criminals" and "traitors" followed by not a few references to the second amendment and then the coup de grace, that WE KNOW where these treasonous criminal Senator's friends and family live.

DO NOT GET ON A PLANE WITH GLENN BECK. If you see him on your flight, ask to be let off.


Aunty Em Ericann said...

I watch Ben Gleck™ daily. It's the funniest show on the tee vee tube.

With all my love,
Aunty Em

Anonymous said...

Nice fact based article...