Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Financial Reform Must Include Jail Time for Wall Street Bank Manipulators

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If a person who cashes bad checks for a few dollars must go to jail, then I firmly believe that Wall Street manipulators who crash the American economy should go to jail too.

Laws that make this possible must be a part of any financial reform legislation.

It is an unfair waste of taxpayer money to spend thousands of dollars a year on incarcerating petty criminals, when white collar criminals basically steal billions, stick the bill to the American taxpayer, and get bonuses for it. They should go to jail. That is what justice is all about.

There is no way our American economy can be soundly restored unless those who feel untouchable because they are super wealthy know that they will get jail time if they play crooked games with the money of investors and the American taxpayer.

As the Senate nears consideration of a "financial reform" bill, it must include laws that ensure time in jail for Wall Street financial crimes.

Financial reform must include jail time for Wall Street bank manipulators.

I demand it as an American taxpayer.

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