Thursday, September 10, 2009

Advocacy Group Shows Their Disgust as Malaysian Cannabis Trafficker Sentenced to Death
By Alun Buffry
ImageMembers of the UK campaigning group The Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) expressed outrage on reading that the sentence of death by hanging has been given on a 24-year-old man for just over half a kilo of the plant. Image Alun Buffry, a spokesperson for the Alliance, said "Today I read about a self-confessed supplier to be hanged for about 650 grams of cannabis.
"Lim Kok Yong, 24, is to be hung by the neck in agony until he dies, for under 650 grams of cannabis plant material. "Cannabis is a plant that grows both wild and cultivated around the world, and the very vast majority of the half a billion users (as estimated by World Health Organisation) claim to benefit from it.
"The plant has many uses - as well as easing the symptoms of some dreadful ailments - it can be used to produce environmentally safe fuels, foods, fibre for building materials, papers and clothing, and oil for lubrication and light.
"In this the 21st century, it is indeed sad to read that Malaysia, a developed country of world-wide importance, still adopts such an unjust sentencing policy, whilst countries like Portugal, Argentina
and Mexico have recently decriminalised cannabis possession, and for over 30 years The Netherlands have operated a highly successful system of allowing "Coffeeshop" to sell cannabis in limited amounts to adults, and patients can get the plant through their doctors.
"I urge the Malaysian Government to step in and save this man's life."
The LCA are urging people to write to the newspaper editor and also Malaysian Embassies around the world.
"PLEASE send a comment to the Editor expressing your outrage - mark the subject Letter to the Editor and quote the headline (above) and date (Sept 2nd) and send your email to
"This is a start - just imagine if they get thousands of letters of outrage - they would be bound to print an article - then maybe we can target our outrage at the Government and Embassies of Malaysia - this can save lives"
Tyre Shop Assistant To Hang For Trafficking Cannabis

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