Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson’s opponent raises $41,000 on ActBlue within hours of Obama’s speech

"You lie!"

The words were shouted during Obama's healthcare speech by South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, and progressives were not happy with the disrespect his words showed toward the presidential office.

So they took action, with literally thousands of twitter users linking to the Act Blue fundraising page for Joe Wilson's opponent, Rob Miller.

So how much money have they raised so far? It's now 11 p.m., mere hours after Obama's speech, and so far $11,507 $41,000 has been raised in that short span of time.

Tomorrow morning I'm scheduled to speak with a representative of ActBlue and I'll be able to find out more concrete numbers — where all that traffic was coming from and how quickly the money poured in after the speech.

UPDATE: Less than an hour and a half after I wrote this article, the fundraising numbers are up over $25,000 and climbing.

UPDATE 2: It's 4:06 a.m. and it's up over $41,000

UPDATE 3: I'm told that he has raised somewhere around $100k. I'll get an official number when I speak to the ActBlue spokesman later this morning.

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